Your Geometric ‘Geeky’ style is a world away from traditional tattoo style, I wonder how you came to tattoo as an outlet for your work? This is such a good question, because it’s never a one clear and simple way that you come to do the work that you do, I think it is also true for any kind of art, it’s a process of many trial and error, although in our line of work using the word “error” is almost taboo. I always knew clearly I wanted to do something different whether it be in my life or in my work, I didn’t always knew what, but I knew I wanted to find my particular path as a human being and as an artist, the two being closely related. I wanted to find the path that was my own. I believe each of us has its own particular highest potential to reach; the artwork of a lifetime and to tap into your highest potential you need to experience life in as many forms as possible; art, people, travel, and anything in between those that contribute to experiencing your own self as a new-renewed person, I think it is the same in art, to experience different kind of art and meet different kind of artists allows you to identify where you belong, and with who or what you connect the most. When you find those, you hold on to them, then it’s like pilling together all the things that makes you “you” and mix them together and it inevitably comes out through your work, or being, in the case of my work it’s what you see in my portfolio: organic and industrial geometry.