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Tattoo Wizards is The New Way to success.advance.progress.

Tattoo Wizards is a USA Tattoo Studio, Specialising in Maori Tattoo, Samoan Tattoo, Custom Oriental Tattoo, Tongan Tattoo, Ornamental Tattoo

Our Background

Tattoo Wizards Studio was established in 1998 by grandmaster tattoo artist Fetu Tanielu, who inherited sacred knowledge of tatau and ancient symbolism from his ancestors at a very young age. Our studio specializes in Maori Tattoo, Samoan Tattoo, Tongan Tattoo designs – among many other tattoo art genres and styles, tribal and modern.

Our Philosophy

We aspire to create art of utmost quality and depth. Our goal is to incarnate our customers’ own vision and feeling of the tattoo. With our artists’ mastery and knowledge of symbolism passed on by the generations, we create art of true essence that carries meaning and spiritual power.

Our Vision

Tattoo Wizards is devoted to delivering superb service quality and creating truly unique works of art individually for each of our customers. Communication is key, and we put our best efforts in ensuring that your needs are satisfied

Service Standards

Tattoo Wizards religiously approaches and manifests each individual design with customers needs at highest priority. Our true goal is to envision our customer’s tatau in an imperative manner and to empower it with symbols carrying sophisticated story and meaning. It is YOUR vision and we help you to realize it. Our team of gifted artists and staff are passionate about delivering you the best service and provide an enjoyable and memorable experience of working together to create art. We are trained to communicate all your thoughts and feelings and define your vision and ideas to ensure that every detail is created the way You desire it. We hope to work with you in the nearest future!